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Hydraulically Applied Mulches

Fox is proud to feature the most professional and technically advanced hydromulch products in the erosion control industry.  Profile Products is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of hydraulically applied erosion control technologies, soil modifiers, turf establishment blankets and turf reinforcement mats. They enable Fox to help you prevent erosion and establish vegetation in virtually any arable environment around the Pacific Northwest.

Profile Wood 


Contains 100% of the highest quality recycled wood fibers that have been Thermally Refined®.

  • Delivers up to 50% more water-holding capacity and germination than atmospherically refined wood mulches

  • Provides maximum soil coverage for greater value

  • Delivers farther and smoother shooting for greater productivity

  • Maximum slope length of 20 feet (6.1 m)

  • Functional longevity is ≤ 3 months

Profile Wood 

with Tack


100% recycled wood fibers and tackifier provide increased binding capabilities.

  • Tackifier is a three-dimensional blend of polymers and polysaccharides which enhance the chemical bond within the mulch matrix for better erosion control

  • Disperses quickly in water, which allows for better blending with seed and fertilizer

  • Eliminates the extra step and mess of field-mixing tackifier

  • Non-toxic, environmentally safe and biodegradable

  • Maximum slope length of 30 feet (9.1 m)

  • Functional longevity is ≤ 3 months

Promatrix EFM

(Engineered Fiber Matrix)


ProMatrix EFM delivers superior performance and sustainable results, in an easy-to-apply, and cost-effective solution:


  • Highest-loading formulation with BFM performance; 60 pounds per 100 gallons of water

  • Speeds application; proprietary Dispersion Granules facilitate even distribution of the fibers and chemistry to ensure smooth slurry pumping and shooting

  • Class-leading erosion control effectiveness; meets or exceeds all industry testing standards for BFM/SMM products

  • Lasting performance with a Functional Longevity of up to 12 months

  • Quick germination and rapid vegetative establishment

  • Environmentally safe; it’s non-toxic, contains 100% recycled wood fibers and is 100% biodegradable

  • Listed on ODOT’s Qualified Products List as a Type A and B Slope Matting

Hydro-Blanket (BFM)

(Bond Fiver Matrix)


Hydro-Blanket BFM sprays on as mulch but dries to form a breathable blanket that bonds more completely with the soil, more effectively prevents erosion, and saves time and money compared to erosion control blankets as well as other BFMs.

  • Only BFM to combine Thermally Refined® wood fiber and multi-dimensional tackifiers for greater water-holding capacity, more complete germination and faster vegetation establishment

  • Proven to control erosion more completely than other BFMs

  • Anchors intimately to the soil through proprietary cross-linked, hydro-colloidal tackifiers and activators

  • Completely biodegrades and is non-toxic, like all Green Design Engineering™ products

  • Compared to erosion control blankets, Hydro-Blanket:

  • Faster, safer and easier to apply than rolled blankets

  • Eliminates staples and stakes; tenting and rilling

  • Eliminates extensive and more costly site preparation

Flexterra HP-FGM
(High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium)


Patented Flexterra HP-FGM has proven to surpass all hydraulically applied mulch products and turf establishment blankets:

  • Immediately effective upon application—bonds directly to soil

  • Superior erosion control—99% effective at multiple large-scale testing laboratories

  • Excellent functional longevity that lasts through grow-in

  • Ideal for dormant seeding and long-term protection in arid climates

  • Less soil preparation, faster lay down and lower installed cost than rolled blankets

  • Faster vegetative establishment and greater biomass production than any rolled blanket or hydraulically applied mulch available

  • Minimizes soil loss and turbidity of effluent runoff

  • Proven to be completely environmentally friendly

  • Listed on ODOT’s Qualified Product List and a Type A, B, C, and D Slope Matting

HydroStraw BFM

(Bonded Fiber Matrix)


HydroStraw Bonded Fiber Matrix is designed to be more cost-effective than blankets and cost less to apply per acre than conventional BFM mulches on difficult sites, slopes, and adverse soil conditions where extra erosion prevention is needed. The product includes long natural fibers for maximum matrix entanglement for improved performance. The combination of fiber entanglement in conjunction with our cross-linked high-strength polymer binders produce great erosion prevention and vegetation establishment.

  • Erosion Prevention for Steep Slopes

  • Facilitates Vegetation

  • More Cost-Effective than Blankets

  • Costs Less to apply Per Acre than Conventional BFM Mulches

  • Long Natural Fibers for Maximum Matrix Entanglement

  • (V.E.M.) Vegetation Establishment Mulch

  • Contains 10% Proprietary Formulated Soil Binding Agents

  • Contains 10% Natural Fibers for Matrix Entanglement

  • Load More Spray More – Use Less Water

HydroStraw GPF

(Guar Plus Formulation)


HydroStraw’s manufacturing process utilizes pressure and heat to break down the straw into a more fibrous material with greater surface area. This results in greater soil coverage, higher water retention, and increased productivity, which lowers project costs. HydroStraw Guar Plus is designed to provide extra protection on difficult sites where slopes, soil conditions, or weather calls for extra erosion control ability. It also includes a high-strength polymer binder to ensure smooth hydro seeder operation.


HydroStraw® Guar Plus is a hydraulically applied mulch with a specially formulated composition of annually renewable wheat straw fibers, natural fibers for fiber matrix entanglement, and a non-toxic soil stabilizer.

  • Fiber with Tackifier

  • Reduces guar gum break down by heavy rain fall events

  • Guar Gum pre-mix eliminates the “fish-eyes” that can form within field mixing making the tackifier more effective

  • Protection for difficult sites & conditions

  • Erosion Control Prevention Product

  • Contains 4% Guar (80lbs per 2000/lbs of Mulch)

  • Load More Spray More – Use Less Water

Hydro-Blanket BFM
Flexterra HP-FGM
Proganics BSM

Proganics BSM

(Biotic Soil Media)


Soils and substrates associated with denuded sites from construction, mining, energy development, and other land-disturbing activities are inherently lacking in organic matter, nutrients, and biological activity essential to the sustainable vegetative establishment. Ideally, these sites would be covered with several inches of rich fertile topsoil to help develop a reasonable growing medium. However, there is simply not enough suitable or reasonably priced topsoil to ameliorate inhospitable conditions on every site.


Patent-pending ProGanics™ Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™) has been designed as a topsoil alternative that accelerates the development of depleted soils/substrates with low organic matter, low nutrient levels, and limited biological activity. ProGanics is not a direct replacement for expensive topsoil, but provides an abundant source of organic matter and soil building components to quickly modify soil chemistry, initiate growth establishment and buildup of the uppermost “O” and “A” soil horizons.


All components of the ProGanics Biotic Soil Media blend are naturally derived and renewable, and engineered to optimize moisture retention, growth, and establishment of vegetation.

  • ProGanics saves time and money where the cost of topsoil is prohibitive

  • ProGanics can be used on challenging sites with difficult access and on steep slopes where topsoil placement is impractical

  • ProGanics is an excellent option when soils are too wet or frozen to dig, transport and spread

  • Quick and easy loading

  • Engineered to shoot smoothly for optimum performance

  • Applying ProMatrix™ EFM™ or Flexterra® HP-FGM™ over ProGanics will provide near-perfect erosion control

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